The 1st Yoga NFT Project that connects Web 3 with Real World Perks

The Kali NFT Goddess Collection is the 1st Yoga NFT project that aims to show Yoga Teachers, Studio Owners and Practitioners how to use NFTs to connect, incentivize and empower their communities.

When you Mint a Kali Goddess NFT, you help give Yoga Teacher Scholarships, fund Yoga Retreats for under-privilege practitioners, and contribute to Yoga Studios in remote areas.

As an NFT holder you have access to Web 3 Studio with an online library of classes, workshops and tutorials. Web 3 library will grow and include Yoga documentaries, ancient manuscripts and Ayurvedic insights. Complimentary Yoga Retreats in Thailand, Teacher Training residency, and more.

NFT Yoginis empowers, educates and inspires the Yoga community with tutorials on Blockchain Technology, Crypto-currency, and Generative NFT Collections.

'Free' Kali NFT Goddess


Complementary Tickets
Exclusive VIP Perks


Mint 20 and get an all inclusive 3 day Yoga Holiday in Thailand


Get significant discount toward CE, 200hr, 300hr and 500hr programs

Kali Goddess

Daily violence, Climate change, Hunger and Female Abuse has led to Kali dispersed across the Ether fabric of reality.
It is up to You, to unleash, the Goddess of Transformation, the Queen of Ultimate Power, the Embodiment of Transformation, into the Ethereum Blockchain and Out into the Digital World.

Each Mint gives you Real World Perks, from All Inclusive Yoga Retreats in Thailand to Sponsoring Yoga Teacher training in impoverished communities.

Are you ready to set Kali 'Free'?
Mint Your Kali NFT Goddess


Free Kali             Aug 2, 2022
Kali is dispersed through the Digital Space! Set her 'Free' when you Mint (20 NFTs max per wallet
Giveaways            Oct 22, 2022
10 random holders will get a Xmas Thailand Yoga Retreat All Inclusive Package.
Retreat Center         Open
Thailand Retreat Center is already open. NFT holders can exclusively stay & practice. Located at a beautiful, beach town, with studio just across from the ocean.  
Charity           25% Minted
Monthly 10% to Community & Charity Donations to The Leukemia Foundation Working for Cancer patients.
LifeStyle           50% Minted
A Web 3 Yoga & Nutrition Platform. Experience coaching in a brand new format.
Yoga 2 Earn            75% Minted
Earn $GDS Token for Yoga, Meditation, Walking, Running and Cycling.
Merch Store           
Merch Store and E-commerce brand focusing on fitness & yoga.
Phase 2           100% Minted
Establish relations with Yoga Retreat Centers, expand Virtual Studio, create Virtual Yoga concerts and create yoga documentaries.